Need(s) 1  
   Need(s) 1: The Mission is in desperate need of a 4x4 pickup truck. The terrain is full of many steep hills and in order to transport materials to our site a truck is vital. Dr. Marcus Gruver has been traveling by bus and his supplies and workload have increased where he can no longer take the bus. We are also looking for a 25-45 horse power tractor to maintain the road and clean the land. If anyone knows where we can find a reasonably priced 4x4 truck or tractor please let us know.
*********Update: God has supplied us with a pickup truck! It has allowed us to get more projects done and cut costs. Thank you so much for your prayers and support!
Need(s) 2     Need(s) 2:
To recruit and train potential personnel of Kuna decent in order to pass down and share agricultural tactics.
Need(s) 3   Need(s) 3:
To begin the construction and building of the training center, foundation building and housing area(s). Volunteers would be more than welcomed to aid in this.
**********Update: We now have the building and need help finishing it out and furnishing it!!!! Thanks again! Pictures coming soon to the homepage.
Need(s) 4   Need(s) 4:
to build a barn/housing establishment for the livestock that will be used in the training procedures of our mission.
Need(s) 5   Need(s) 5:
to obtain livestock that will be used for agricultural purposes of our mission.
Need(s) 6   Need(s) 6:
to raise the overall health of the kuna tribe over the course of time, along with raising awareness of protein deprivation.